Dr. Robert McMullen

TMS BrainCare: The success rate is so high that it sounds too good to be true

35 years ago, Robert McMullen, MD opened his private practice in general psychiatry on the West Side of New York City. In 2010, he added

Dr. Robert McMullen

Dr. Robert McMullen, founder and owner of TMS BrainCare in New York, has treated
around 300 patients suffering from Major Depressive disorder with TMS.

TMS depression treatment to his long list of treatments. Being a psychiatrist, Dr. Robert McMullen found himself looking for a way to treat his many patients suffering from major depressive disorder who did not respond to the medication he prescribed to them. To Dr. McMullen, TMS was the solution. “I was first interested in TMS because I had been reading about its benefits for years, and I needed an alternative for the many patients who failed to achieve full remission from antidepressants,” says Robert Mc-Mullen of his decision to finally invest in TMS equipment to make the – at the time – novel treatment available to his many patients.

No per-use fee

“The purchase price of the TMS equipment that I first bought was very expensive, and it has actually cost me a lot of money that I had to pay a fee to the company for every treatment I did. I am therefore very pleased that it is now possible to get FDA cleared TMS equipment from other manufacturers such as MagVenture who do not operate with a ‘per-use fee’. That makes a big difference to me and my practice,” says Robert McMullen.

TMS is worth travelling for

So far, around 300 patients with major depressive disorder have undergone TMS treatment at TMS BrainCare. “What has sustained us has been the enormous benefits, as well as long acting benefits, for so many of my patients,” says Robert McMullen, who in the past five years since he first began to offer TMS has been treating men and women of all ages from all over New York City and even further away.

MD Robert McMullen graduated from Georgetown University
Medical School in Washington DC in 1976.
He is founder and owner of TMS BrainCare in New York.
For 35 years he has had a private practice in general
psychiatry. He treats patients with a wide range of mental
illnesses. He specializes in the treatment of mood disorders
and anxiety disorders and is particularly experienced
with the treatment of resistant depression.
In 2010, he began offering TMS treatment.
More information at: www.tmsbraincare.com